Learn the Art of Bird Photography: The Complete Field Guide for Beginning and Intermediate Photographers and Birders


Tim Boyer is an award-winning nature photographer. His images have been published in many bird and nature magazines. He is a full- time photographer and a graduate of Seattle Audubon’s Master Birder Program. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of photography and birds through workshops and presentations. His bird photography workshops are offered in locations where there are lots of birds and thus ample opportunities to learn and practice the art of bird photography. He also has a YouTube channel where weekly he posts bird photography tutorials. You can find him at Tim Boyer Photography on YouTube. Shorebirds are his favorite family group of birds, and he spends a lot of weekends on the Washington Coast.



Learn the Art of Bird Photography is a comprehensive field guide to bird photography – so you can create beautiful bird images. Bird photography can be difficult, but with this book, you will learn how to make it easier, and you’ll learn how to be more successful and create beautiful images. This book contains more information about bird photography techniques than any other book on the market today. There are comprehensive chapters on: how to set up your camera for bird photography, how to master your camera and settings, the best settings for photographing birds in flight for beginners and intermediate photographers, practice sessions at the end of each chapter so you’ll master the concepts and techniques quickly, the basics of light, composition, exposure, depth of field, how to get the best point of view, and how to get sharp photos. There’s a complete list of the bird photography hot spots in North America by week, so you’ll know where and when to go! This book is designed to make you successful in your quest to photograph birds and create stunning bird images Tim Boyer is a graduate of the Seattle Audubon Master Birder Program, an award-winning photographer, an experienced instructor and bird photography workshop leader.


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